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Have you ever marked for your box hinge screws and then the drill wonders off? Yes, very frustrating.   Well this simple LARGE drilling jig keeps the hole in the right place, just slightly forward from centre.

Please note if you are drilling into very hard woods such as Oak, Ash or Ebony then it is advisable to ream the holes with a slightly larger drill bit.

Complementary Hardware

We sell our beautifully designed and well manufactured range of jewelry box hardware solely from this website.  Our Box Locks fully complement the Neat Large (Pair).  When you spend valuable time creating your incredible boxes, don’t fit below standard hardware. Instead use our quality box hardware to show off your projects to the highest possible level and use our simple drilling jig to fit our neat box hinges.

Basic Technical Details

This simple large drilling jig is specifically designed for the Neat Large hinges and provides a straightforward way for you to fit box hinges without fuss.  It is a great addition to our jewelry box hardware range, saving time and reducing those easily made mistakes.  Each drilling large jig comes supplied with a 2mm drill bit.

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Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 cm


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