Jewelry Box Lock SS- (Neat Elite)

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See below for full description of the Jewelry Box Lock Stainless Steel Neat Elite

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Our New Neat Elite Jewelry Box Lock SS is the only stainless steel full mortise box lock on the market.  It is far superior in quality to the plated ones available. This is a precision made full mortise jewelry box lock. We love the lock mechanism as it has a very satisfying click on opening and locking. So, don’t risk your plating flaking or use a weaker base material for locks on your perfect boxes. Instead, buy the ultimate jewelry box lock directly from us, here on-line.  Why not read some of our box lock reviews below and find out for yourself the difference that quality box hardware can make to your finished pieces.  If you have already experienced the positive outcomes then we would love to hear from you, so please send us a review

Technical Details

Our box lock is solid stainless steel and polished to a mirror-like finish.  The lock strike plates, the lock casing and the key are all created from this robust metal.  Our Neat Box Lock plates are 8mm wide x 76mm long x a case depth of 25mm.  Distance to pin is 16mm.  We supply each lock with 2 sets of screws and one elegant stainless steel key.

Complementary Box Hardware

Our jewelry box lock SS – Original – is ideally paired with either the Large Neat Hinge or medium Neat Elite Box Hinge.  We also stock Metal Thread escutcheons and spare keys.  Please go to our sister website’s gallery, Hawthorne Fine Boxes , and view some of the bespoke boxes that include the Neat Box Lock and Neat Box Hinges.  Here you can view our quality hardware on the most amazing boxes.

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So keep up to date with Fine Box Hardware, our promotions and news by linking to us on Facebook.  Soon, we will be adding more quality products, and in 2020 will be announcing new box hardware through Facebook and Instagram.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 7.6 × .8 × 3.5 cm

stainless steel

Stainless Steel

"Strong Metal" "Robust" "mirror finish"

6 reviews for Jewelry Box Lock SS- (Neat Elite)

  1. Andrew Wilkerson

    This is possibly the best lock design I’ve ever come across and I used to be a locksmith so trust me I’ve seen and used many over the years before box making.
    I’ve used these ones several times on my boxes. Don’t bother fitting a low quality lock. Get these and you can’t go wrong. The customers are always pleased with the solid click as the box lid shuts, it will last forever, and they are much easier to fit than other designs I’ve tried. I used one of these on a box for a Notary Public. Now all his colleges want one! If only there were more hours in the day 🙂

  2. Jordan

    Really beautiful hardware. I spent many hours looking and nothing else comes close to the quality, fit, and finish.

  3. David Keating

    A stunning lock to match the stunning hinges. I can’t think of any other way of adding elegance, style, character and high quality to any box than with Hawthorne hardware. The finish is unreal, the lovely click of the lock engaging and disengaging gives good feedback to the user so that they hard not trying to force open a lid that’s still locked. I am aware of this problem from using low quality locks in the past. But only does the click gives instant feedback on lock position but also attracts your attention to the stunning hardware upon opening the box for the first time and many more times after that. I would highly recommend these locks and hinges. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. David Phillips

    excellent product and quality will purchase again.

    • ian

      Glad you like our Neat Elite Stainless Steel locks David. We hope your box project works out well and look forward to supplying you with more quality hardware in the near future.

  5. Hussain Bustani

    Excellent customer service and prompt overseas delivery.

    • ian

      Thank you Hussain 🙂 Glad you like all your hardware including the Neat Elite Locks and Hinges. We look forward to assisting you again soon.

  6. Robert Legge

    Great products, first rate communication and speedy delivery!

    • ian

      Thank you for your feedback. Glad you like your Neat Elite hinges and lock in stainless steel, as well as the budget hardware.

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