Jewelry Box Lock Brass- (Neat Elite Slim)

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See below for full description of the Jewelry Box Lock Neat Elite Slim (Brass)

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Our New, Neat Elite Slim Jewelry Box Lock is the only solid brass full mortise box lock on the market.  We have improved the Neat Elite by slimming down the case to 5mm thickness and given the case end a sleek rounded look. So not only does this lock look amazing and require less material removal, but you no longer have to square up the case mortise ends prior to fitting. It is far superior in quality to the plated ones available and once fitted has a very clean neat look.  This is a precision made, full mortise jewelry box lock.  We love the lock mechanism, as it has a very satisfying click on opening and closing. So, don’t risk your plating flaking or use a weaker base material for locks on your perfect boxes. Instead, buy the ultimate jewelry box lock directly from us, here on-line.  Why not read some of our box lock reviews below and find out for yourself the difference that quality box hardware can make to your finished pieces.  If you have already experienced the positive outcomes then we would love to hear from you, so please send us a review

Complementary Hardware – Save £2 each time you choose the Neat Elite Team

Select our Brass Neat Elite Hinges and add the Brass Neat Elite Slim Jewelry Box Lock to your trolley and you will now save £2 GBP per team at checkout. Our jewelry box lock brass – Neat Elite – is ideally paired with either the Large Neat Hinge or medium Neat Elite Box Hinge.  We also stock Metal Thread escutcheons and spare keys.  Please go to our sister website’s gallery, Hawthorne Fine Boxes , and view some of the bespoke boxes that include the Neat Box Lock and Neat Box Hinges.  Here you can view our quality hardware on the most amazing boxes.

Technical Details

Our jewelry box lock brass is solid brass polished to a mirror-like finish.  The lock strike plates, the lock casing and the key are all created from this robust metal.  The main casing is now a slim 5mm thick and has been rounded at each end so not only do you have less material to remove, you also don’t need to square-up the mortise ends before fitting.  Our Neat Box Lock plates are 8mm wide x 76mm long x a case depth of 25mm.  Distance to pin is 16mm.  We supply each lock with 2 sets of screws and one elegant brass key.

Background to the Neat Elite Slim Lock

In 2012 Ian Hawthorne set himself the task to produce a box lock that was –

  • Easy to fit.
  • Had a great solid action.
  • With a mirror polished finish.

The Neat Lock has evolved over the years from its first manufacture in 2012 to the latest revision which is now the Neat Elite Slim Lock, on sale from 2021.

Cleaning Brass 

Ideally you should wear gloves when working with the brass hardware, or you may well tarnish it and leave smudges and/or fingerprints.  If your lock and/or hinges tarnish we suggest removing the hardware from the box and giving them a gentle wipe with brasso wadding. Then buff lightly with a clean, soft cloth to get back the sheen.  When fitting them back onto the box just remember to wear a pair of disposable gloves, to refrain from touching the brass again.  If you can’t get the hardware off, you can try adding a fine border of masking tape before applying the brasso wadding. (Take care not to apply wadding to any other parts of your box).

Social Media

So keep up to date with Fine Box Hardware, our promotions and news by linking to us on Facebook.  Soon, we will be adding more quality products, and in 2021 will be announcing new box hardware through Facebook and Instagram.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 7.6 × .8 × 2.5 cm

stainless steel

Stainless Steel

"Strong Metal" "Robust" "mirror finish"

7 reviews for Jewelry Box Lock Brass- (Neat Elite Slim)

  1. Roy Genung

    Love those well made locks and hinges ! Please keep making them !
    Roy in Alberta

    • ian

      Thanks Roy – always a pleasure dealing with you folks in Canada 🙂

  2. Thomas

    Quick shipping over the pond great social media presence and a superior product.

    • ian

      Thanks Thomas 🙂 Glad you like the Neat Elite Locks and threaded escutcheons.

  3. Graham Roberts

    Top quality. The brass hinges and box lock look great and having taken delivery they feel of the expected high quality. Also received excellent customer service whilst the order was in transit so completely happy.

    • ian

      Thank you Graham (Dubai). So glad you are happy with everything and look forward to getting some images of your completed box soon ? Happy Boxmaking!

  4. Richard

    Nice piece of engineering. Next day delivery too. Excellent

    • ian

      Thanks Richard. Glad you liked your Neat Elite box lock and our prompt customer service too – Happy Boxmaking!

  5. Callum

    Superb quality and excellent customer service as always. These guys really know good hardware (they ought to!) always first class.

    • ian

      Thank you Callum (Scotland) glad you like the Neat Elite Hinges and Neat Elite Locks as well as the quality Precision Catches. Your boxes are amazing and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future 🙂

  6. Tony Vincent

    Excellent product and very good service.

    • ian

      Thanks Tony (England) you are indeed a gentleman and we’re glad you like the Neat Elite Hinge and Lock – they’re quite the team!

  7. Saeed BinButti

    I have a question do i need a frame for the lock hole as my box is made of leather i love this product i just need to know apart from the hinges do i need the lock frame .. thanks

    • ian

      Hi – you might find a threaded escutcheon useful whether a wooden or leather box. Please consider how you will fit the leather around the escutcheon. We do not have any experience of working with leather boxes so please keep in touch and let us know how this goes for you. Best – the Fine Box Hardware Team

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