Jewelry Box Hinge Brass (Neat Elite)

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See below for Jewelry Box Hinge details.  (Buy 12 or more for £2 discount per pair) Rout – Drill – Fit 

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The Neat Elite box hinge is the best jewelry box hinge on the market and is the only hinge with a fully round knuckle top and bottom.  Designed and Manufactured by us in the UK, this brass side rail box hinge is far superior in strength due to its unique stop system and is the most elegant hinge on the market.  For your perfect box, insist on using our beautifully designed, precision made side rail hinges. These hinges are robust and display a fully round knuckle and feature a unique concealed stop system. Very easy to fit  Rout – Drill – Fit   these stylish hinges will be worthy of your bespoke box.  Buy twelve or more Neat Elite Hinge pairs to receive discount of £2 per set.

To watch Ian Hawthorne fit a pair of Neat Elite Hinges click here to subscribe for FREE to his YouTube Channel.  How to make a Keepsake Box – Part 7 – focuses primarily on fitting the Neat Elite Box Hinges.

Complementary Hardware – Save £2 each time you choose the Neat Elite Team

Select our Brass Neat Elite Hinges and add the Brass Neat Elite Lock to your trolley to save £2 GBP per team at checkout. We sell our beautifully designed and well manufactured range of jewelry box hardware solely from this website.  Our Jewelry Box Lock (Neat Elite) fully complements the Neat Elite Jewelry Box Hinge (Pair) and Large Neat Hinge.  When you spend valuable time creating your incredible boxes, don’t fit below standard hardware. Instead use our top quality box hardware to show off your projects to the highest possible level and be the best.  Our simple drilling jig is a very useful tool for fitting these Neat Elite hinges.

Shop Now – Pick the Neat Elite Hinges and add the Neat Elite Lock to your trolley and save £2 at checkout on the Neat Elite Team! Select either the Brass Lock and Hinge Team or Stainless Steel Team for your saving (excludes Large Neat Hinges). Happy Box Making

Basic Technical Details and Reviews

Our Neat Elite jewelry box hinges are ideal for boxes with a minimum wall thickness of 12mm.  Each hinge is 8mm wide x 43mm long with an opening degree between 91.5 – 93.5 (pairs are matched up). Leaf thickness is 3.3mm.  The hinges have a mirror polished finish, and are supplied with 2 sets of woodscrews.  See and download/print box hinge instructions here.  Please also see below for box hinge reviews and send us your reviews to publish once you’ve had the opportunity to try this brass hinges for yourself.  Please also send us images of your finished boxes using this hardware and we publicise them on our social media. 

Cleaning Brass

Ideally you should wear gloves when working with the brass hardware, or you may well tarnish it and leave smudges and/or fingerprints.  If your lock and/or hinges tarnish we suggest removing the hardware from the box and giving them a gentle wipe with brasso wadding. Then buff lightly with a clean, soft cloth to get back the sheen.  When fitting them back onto the box just remember to wear a pair of disposable gloves, to refrain from touching the brass again.  If you can’t get the hardware off, you can try adding a fine border of masking tape before applying the brasso wadding. (Take care not to apply wadding to any other parts of your box).

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To keep up to date with Fine Box Hardware, our promotions and news, please link to us on Facebook.  We plan to be adding some more quality products this year, and will be announcing new box hardware through Facebook and Instagram.

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16 reviews for Jewelry Box Hinge Brass (Neat Elite)

  1. Andrew Wilkerson

    These are the finest hinges ever made, I’m glad to see them back and better than ever. I’ll have to encourage more to choose the stainless hardware option, so many of my customers still like the look of brass so I was hoping to see them here as well but I’ll get these again next time hopefully. I still have some of your older ones to use first.

  2. David Keating

    If your looking for the best quality hinges and hardware for projects then you are in the right place. Hawthorne fine boxes offer the world’s best hardware and top class service to go with it. They are easy fitting using a downward spiral bit for a clean cut and really look the part when fitted 100 percent. The only problem I’ve been having up until recently is actually making boxes worthy of this hardware as I don’t get enough time as I would like to do wood work but when am not at it and thinking of how I can improve my craft so what my boxes are complementing the hardware just as much as the hardware complements the box. I would highly recommend this hinges and locks to anyone interested in making some high quality boxes. Glad they are back and hopefully for good.

  3. Jonathan Pearce

    Great fast delivery and a great product.

    • ian


  4. Paul Swan

    Great product and excellent service.

    • ian


  5. Peter Edwards

    fast delivery of a great product!

    • ian


  6. James Bruce

    Beautiful hinges, seem well designed and well made. Bought 2 pairs. One pair stopped at 95 degrees, the other pair stopped at 91 degrees. One star off for inconsistency, but no harm to appearance or functionality. Comes with lots of slotted head, solid brass screws if that’s what you like. I use brass-plated, steel screws with phillips heads. Fast shipping to USA.

    • ian

      Thank you for your review James – the angle is something we are determined to improve on.

  7. Aaron Fransz

    Excellent quality hinges and at a reasonable price too. These are far better than brusso siderail hinges and a lot cheaper. I will definitely be using these hinges in the future on my projects

    • ian

      I’m glad you like them 🙂

  8. Kevin Stamper

    Perfect hinges and perfect service. The hinges are a joy to fit and use and add great value to the work as a whole.

  9. Ian Brodie

    Excellent hinges and service as usual, thank you.

    • ian


  10. Jet Solutions (Europe) Ltd

    Excellent organisation! Very helpful, placing a small order mid afternoon which I received mid morning the following morning. Impressive service!!

    • ian


  11. Al Ladd

    I’m really happy with the Neat hinges I received. They installed easily, aligned the tops perfectly and solidly, and look fantastic. The unique configuration of the hinges made them worth buying from across the seas (I”m in the US), but the price wasn’t as high as some alternatives, and for the high-end jewelry boxes they’re used for an easy decision. Ian was available for email exchange and phone calls, and shipped promptly. Bravo!

    • ian

      Thank you 🙂

  12. Philip Said

    Very clean high quality hardware!

    • ian

      Thank you Philip (Sweden). Delighted the Neat Elite Brass Hinges are a success! Please send images of your completed box and we’ll post them on our facebook page 🙂

  13. Guy Ashley

    Just to let you know the hinges and guide arrived yesterday and I am really impressed with them!

    • ian

      Thanks Guy and we look forward to seeing images of your finished box soon! 🙂

  14. Phil Headon

    Excellent products and good fitting instructions.

    • ian

      Thanks Phil (England) – glad you liked all your Neat Elite Hardware – hinges and locks – as well as the threaded escutcheons and drill jig. Please send images and Happy Box Making!

  15. Miranda Salmon

    Really excellent service. Great to be able to talk to someone directly to get advice first; fast delivery and great quality product. Thank you

    • ian

      Thank you Miranda (England) glad you like our Neat Elite Hinges – Brass and Stainless Steel. Customer Satisfaction goes hand in hand with a great product, and we always strive to deliver on both. Please post images of your completed box on instagram and tag us in to get a special customer code for 15% off (then order by end of August 2020). Happy Box Making 🙂

  16. David Berman

    Best quality hinges; entirely proper for a box that one has used rare and expensive woods and spent intense hours to build.

    • ian

      Hi David (USA) We’re proud to have our Neat Elite hardware adorning your very bespoke and lovingly created box. Enjoy!

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