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We are pleased to now be promoting our own Hygrometers for Humidor boxes with both polished stainless steel (SS) and lacquered brass (B) bezels. This particular hygrometer features a black face with contrasting white text and a quality polished bezel. They are 68mm in diameter and are far superior to anything similar on the market. Made in Germany by Fischer and customised with our own face design, these are sure to enhance the design of your humidor box.


Technical Details

The Hygrometers can be surface mounted on the inside lid or if your lid is thick enough (15mm) you can inlay them by cutting a 52mm hole 10mm deep.

They have already been adjusted by FISCHER, however you r can always make a re-calibration. There is a centre hole on the rear side.  You can see the movement inside, with a slot. Using a suitable screw driver, you can turn the movement which also turns the pointer.

Our Hardware Range

We design and supply our own hardware range – jewelry box locks, jewelry box hinges and drilling jigs together with a small selection of other quality box hardware including box hardware catches.  We are continually developing our hardware and making improvements and will soon be bringing out more hardware in brass as well as stainless steel.

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