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Box Kitz – Walnut

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Would you like to be remotely tutored by a well known and experienced artisan box maker?  Do you enjoy learning through watching rather than reading?  Ian Hawthorne is currently recording a free-access-to-all  basic veneered box-making project on YouTube – (part 1 is available from Sunday 7 June 2020) and so we are now offering Basic Box Kits for creating a similar veneered box to his creation – the Box Kitz.  So, as he’s explaining the basics in his workshop, you can use the Box Kitz to work alongside him in your workshop.
The Box Kitz not only cuts down on preparation time and the machinery required, it also reduces surplus costs involved in buying stock, as you have exactly what you need to complete the project.
Each Kit Contains
  • 2 sycamore and MDF sandwiches
  • 2 leaves of walnut veneer cut to size for inner body
  • 2 leaves of walnut veneer cut to size for outer body
  • 2 pieces of 9mm MDF to create lid and base
  • 2 pieces of walnut veneer to create lid inner and outer
  • 2 pieces of card for inner base (2 extras)
  • 2 sheets of A4 double-sided tape
  • 2 pieces of suede for inner base and underneath
  • 1 pair of brass Neat Elite hinges

If you are using this kit together with Ian’s Youtube Tuition Video then below are extras you should also have to hand.  

  • Masking tape
  • Wood glue (yellow or pva eg Titebond)
  • Foam Roller(s) for applying glue
  • F-Clamps
  • Mitre Clamps if available
  • Sandpaper 180gt
  • Sandpaper 400gt
  • Furniture Wax either clear or walnut
  • Clean rags for waxing and buffing
  • Wire wool

Tools/Machinery you may also require

  • Tablesaw or mitresaw
  • Jointer
  • Random Orbit Sander
  • Router fitted to table
For more details please email.

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