Box Hardware Thread Escutcheons (Brass – Single)


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See below for details on our BRASS box hardware thread escutcheon – SINGLE.

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Quality box hardware, whether big or small, is important to the overall look and feel of a box. So, our box hardware thread escutcheon, created from Brass and stainless steel, is designed to suit all sizes of box with locks. Such boxes include jewelry boxes, watch boxes and presentation boxes.  Not all boxes require or suit a decorative escutcheon. So that is when a discreet piece of box hardware such as this, is very handy indeed. It provides a subtle, fine sheen, finished look to a box key hole.

Technical Details

Indeed, the great thing about this design is the 2.5 degree taper towards the bottom of the escutcheon. This unique design feature ensures a nice tight fit, These are 3mm in thickness. Each box hardware thread escutcheon is made from quality SOLID BRASS  (1 brass thread escutcheon only supplied for £10+VAT).  You can buy a pack of 5 threaded brass escutcheons if you prefer, for a small discount.  It has one polished surface which should face outwards on your box for that special shine!

To fit the threaded escutcheon, place it down exactly onto the place you’re fitting it and go round it very lightly and carefully with a scalpel.  Then remove the bulk of the waste with a small trim router.  With a small fine chisel take off any remaining waste.  Another option, if you have a CNC machine, is to use a 1mm cutter.

Complementary Box Hardware

Provided in a handy pack of five, the box hardware thread escutcheons can be used together with our range of jewelry box hardware.  This includes  the Jewelry Box Lock and the Jewelry Box Lock Original. Our box hinges also team up well with these fine thread escutcheons.  Our large jewelry box hinges work best with large, heavy box lids, while our other jewelry box hinges work best with small boxes that have average sized box lids.

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